A.8 Exponents

a.8 worksheet

The worksheet to the right is due at the end of the unit.  Answers can be checked throughout the unit.

A.8 Worksheet.pdf

a.8.1 zero and negative exponents

A.8.1 Zero and Negative Exponents Lesson

HW - p. 433 #’s 9-12, 25-32, 41-44 

a.8.2-3 multiplying exponents

A.8.2-3 Multiplying Exponents Lesson

A.8.2 HW – p. 443 #’s 7-21

A.8.3 HW – p. 450 #’s 9-22 

a.8.4 dividing exponents

A.8.4 Dividing Exponents Lesson

HW - p. 456-457 #'s 9-12, 46-49, 52-59

A.8.5 scientific notation

A.8.5 Notes

A.8.5 Notes Key

A.8.5 CYU – p. 439 #’s 11-18, p. 443 #’s 25-27

           p. 450 #’s 27-30, p. 456 #’s 16-18

A.8.5 CYU Key

a.8.6 geometric sequences

A.8.6 Geometric Sequences Lesson


A.8.7 exponential functions

A.8.7 Exponential Functions Lesson


a.8.8 exponential growth and decay

A.8.8 Exponential Growth and Decay Lesson